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Where did you get lost at?

Maybe you were supposed to come here, to this rural place.

Here, come on.

Do you like classical clothings?

Nah, I’m not going to bite you.

This is a place for the seamstress who aspire to be

“the Witch of the Cloths”,

Running everything alone.


Welcome to Guardaroba.

This might become your own wardrobe.


Dress Blouse & Tiered Skirt

Guardaroba’s Classic Style

Not For Sale

Burberry-style Checkered Square Neck Dress

Lining is used to prevent it from creasing

Not For Sale

Napoleon Jacket

Made of thin wool, providing you softness and warmth.

Rare men’s style clothing.

Not For Sale

Princess Nighty Dress

I want someone to wear this when they go to bed.

It’s a sea of laces, just like dream.

It could be worn as an inner dress too.

Made-to-order in the past

Multiple Tiered Under Skirt

Made of full laces and fabric used for the Nighty.

It could be worn as-is, or as an under skirt.

Not For Sale

Simple Blouse


Wrap-style Mermaid Skirt

Simple blouse goes well with a high on demand mermaid skirt.

Currently in Production

Guardaroba’s Outfit

All four items are from Guardaroba.

Since they are in colour of fall,

The colours go together very well.

If you feel the skirt is too white,

Matching it with a dark colour will help.

Not For Sale

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