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This is the place where what you were longing can be found.

Wardrobes are supposed to be like that, right?

Just like a walk-in wardrobe, please take a look around.

Your favourite stories, your favourite names,

your favourite motifs and your favourite worlds.

If you love poems, I think you’ll like these too.


There is only one maid, designing and sewing.

It takes a long long time to make one clothing.

I would love to be able to work faster,

but I want to keep my way and my style, working as Guardaroba.


A clothing that is loved by a mass of people in short term. That’s fine too.

But me, Giselle Guardaroba,

Want to make a clothing that would be loved for a long long time.


There, the keyhole is in front of you.

Do you wanna peek, or not?


Welcome to Guardaroba.

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