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Established on 10th October, 2017 as a private business.

With the ideas and technique of Giselle, it grows slowly but steadily building the fan base.

The brand name “Guardaroba” was named by Giselle who loves Italy, and it means “wardrobe”.

“I want someone to wear what they like for long period of time. I want that kind of clothings to be stuffed in the wardrobe.”

There is no physical stores, so instead it repeatedly operated on online shopping services and big events at International Exhibition Center, however, because of the price range it was moved to this website.

While feeling the decline of Lolita culture in Japan, niche genre like classical lolita and steampunk are high in demand overseas, and because of this Guardaroba started to bring its business outside Japan.

Full order or one-of-a-kind high quality item is sold at “Guardaroba” while factory made products, mass produced items and casual medium ranges are sold at the sister brand “Guardaroba Di Lagazza”.

History of Guardaroba

Giselle Guardaroba


Born 2018.06.23 / 27 years old

Giselle self taught sewing herself since high school.

She designed the dress inspired by a butterfly at the seminar at university.

However, self taught techniques were not enough for her, leading her to proceed to a sewing school upon graduation.

She dropped out of the sewing school when the orders for her clothings increased.

Moving to Saitama, she sorted out her environment for sewing.

Her current objective is to work overseas, and she is planning to establish her new home / atelier in Tokyo.

She is also planning to have a exhibition in few years.


Thoroughly, slowly and steadily. Her motto is to work as carefully as possible.


History of Guardaroba


2010: First brand was established

2011: Exhibited at Design Festivals

2012: Started studying at sewing school

2013: Exhibited at Design Festivals

2014: The first brand ended due to lack of fans

2015: Guardaroba started. Dropped out of the sewing school due to the increase in orders

2016: Exhibited as Guardaroba at Design Festivals. Fan base starts to expand

2017: Moved to Saitama and the demand for work increased. Exhibited at Design Festivals

2018: Advertisement listed on female fashion magazine “Naturira”

3/25 Exhibited at Romantic A La Mode at Osaka

4/4~6 Exhibited at Fashion World Tokyo (Spring)



2018: 8/5, 6 Exhibiting at Summer Design Festival

October: Exhibiting at Fashion World Tokyo (Fall)

20??: Big Solo Exhibition to be held

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